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Product overview

Trimble GEDO GX50

LASER SCANNING SYSTEM FOR KINEMATIC CLEARANCE ANALYSIS & ASSET DATA COLLECTION APPLICATIONS The Trimble GEDO GX50 is a modern and flexible laser scanning system that is designed to operate with Trimble GEDO track measurement systems. The Trimble GEDO GX50 is available in a Single Head configuration with one scanner and in a dual head configuration with two scanners. The modular system design allows the second scanner to be added later. Depending on application specific requirements, Read more


The Trimble GEDO IMS+GNSS system enables track survey and subsequent track design based on absolute coordinates with valid alignment elements. During the survey run, reference points can be defined for the following construction or maintenance work. The required correction values are used for the reconstruction planning or passed on directly to the tamping machines. Key Benefits: Integrated solution for track survey, track optimization, data generation for the tamping machine and Read more

GEDO NovaTrack – Track Design

Design alignment with its absolute position has always been high demanding and challenging subject when it comes to as-built track quality evaluation, speed increase tasks or routine tamping applications. From this moment on, the new Trimble GEDO NovaTrack software enables automatic reverse calculation of alignment elements in absolute, based on track survey data from Trimble GEDO systems. In this way, the alignment elements with optimal parameters and absolute position are estimated to fit Read more

Trimble solution for high productive track survey

TRIMBLE GEDO IMS The Trimble GEDO IMS system consists of a Trimble GEDO CE 2.0 track trolley and a high precision IMU. This is the basis for running an efficient track survey and asset data collection. Additional components and sensors can be added to the system which allow for further applications and guarantee the best performance.   Trimble GEDO Profiler add-on In conjunction with the Trimble GEDO IMS system it is possible to use the Trimble GEDO Profiler to measure marked Read more

Trimble GEDO for Track Documentation

FOR TRACK DOCUMENTATION The Trimble GEDO system in combination with the software Trimble GEDO Rec is a fast, efficient tool to measure, record and document detailed information about existing track. With Trimble GEDO, you can quickly survey existing lines without the need for alignment data. In a single operation the Trimble GEDO captures the 3D coordinate position of the track, together with gauge and cant. The information can be used for GIS, redesign and quality control. Read more

Trimble GEDO for Slab Track

Constructing slab track calls for fast, precise measurements and immediate feedback. Trimble GEDO in combination with the software Trimble GEDO Track  is a simple, integrated system to measure for precise adjustments, inspections and quality checks. In one operation, the Trimble GEDO captures the 3D coordinates of the track, together with gauge and cant. The information is compared to the design, and offsets and correction values are displayed in the field, where work crews make the Read more

Trimble Pre-Measuring for Tamping

PRE-MEASURING FOR TAMPING Fast, accurate measurement of track conditions is a key component of productive tamping operations. Trimble GEDO in combination with the software Trimble GEDOVorsys provides adjustment data to tamping machines quickly and efficiently, and avoids costly idle time for ballast tamping machines and work crews. Precision measurement systems make Trimble GEDO an ideal tool in conventional and high-speed rail tamping. Read more

Trimble GEDO Scan System

TRIMBLE GEDO SCAN SYSTEM The Trimble GEDO Scan System is a modern, efficient tool to collect detailed information about track and surrounding features. With Trimble GEDO Scan you can quickly gather precise, high-resolution data for use in track clearance assessments and facilities management. Read more