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Trimble solution for high productive track survey


The Trimble GEDO IMS system consists of a Trimble GEDO CE 2.0 track trolley and a high precision IMU. This is the basis for running an efficient track survey and asset data collection. Additional components and sensors can be added to the system which allow for further applications and guarantee the best performance.


Trimble GEDO Profiler add-on

In conjunction with the Trimble GEDO IMS system it is possible to use the Trimble GEDO Profiler to measure marked reference points along the track. Based on these measurements, the trajectory generated by the Trimble GEDO IMS system can be referenced. The resulting track position can be used for the asset data collection.


Trimble GEDO Scan  add-on

The combination of Trimble GEDO Scan and Trimble GEDO IMS provides a highly productive survey and mapping system for assets close to the track. It produces a dense 3D point cloud within an absolute coordinate system. From the point cloud, asset data information can be collected and clearance checks can be processed. Furthermore, the data can be used for as-built survey before, during and after construction within a BIM project.


Trimble GNSS add-on

Combining the Trimble GEDO IMS system with Trimble GNSS technology enables track survey without reference points based on a given GNSS reference system. Collected data can be used to create a new or modified track design. Reference points can be established and measured during the survey run. This allows the system to be used for further survey work during the re-construction phase.



  • Simple and self-contained trolley captures track position, gauge and cant in a single operation
  • Measure long portions of track without disruption to normal traffic
  • Flexible combination with additional sensors fitting to the application for best performance
  • Effortful geodetic station setup with related restrictions no longer needed
  • Short initialization time allows rapid on-site use
  • Easy to use and clear display of the results
  • Continuous high-resolution data collection for flexible analysis
  • Internal quality control within the measurement process on site

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