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Trimble Access Rail


The Trimble Access Rail software is used for a variety of surveying tasks within the scope of track survey and stakeout where a direct reference to the design position is necessary.


Trimble GEDO Office Base

Software for data preparation, data editing as well as exchange with external systems. Data can be transferred in digital form, for example from LandXML format. Alternatively, manual input and editing is also possible. An alignment validation check is carried out before use in the field. The alignment is displayed in the curvature alignment or as a 2D plan view together with the reference points. Absolute reference point coordinates can be converted to the alignment as chainage plus horizontal and vertical offset.

Trimble Access Rail – Stakeout

Software for alignment related track survey in the field. Based on the measurements taken with Trimble total stations or Trimble GNSS receivers, the differences between measured position and design are displayed directly in the field according to the track alignment. The reference values for chainage, lateral and height offset can be entered manually or selected from a list. The calculation can be carried out either horizontally or in a canted system. All points as well as the track alignment with its tangent points are shown in the interactive map.
The track is described by the horizontal alignment, the vertical alignment, the cant/ superelevation and a chainage line. In addition to the regular transition curves, special transition curves as well as X-ramps are also supported.







Digital data flow from the office to site
Alignment-related track survey with live information in the field
Calculations in both the horizontal and elevated track system
Support for all common elements of track alignment
Total station and GNSS-based data acquisition for reliable positioning
Optimised field work through data checking in advance in the office


Stakeout of the design track position with adjacent marking
Stakeout for turnout installation
Stakeout of platform edges or objects with track reference
Control survey
Track adjustment with low daily output
Clearance control and preservation of evidence
Data collection for creation of stakeout reports


Track Survey
Real-time transformation based on track alignment,
Live display of horizontal and elevated offset to the design alignment,
Customised display,
Tangent point information,

Graphical overview map of track alignment with tangent points and measurement point display,
Video display for total stations with Vision technology

Reference values:
Input of chainage, lateral and height offset to the design alignment,
Processing of stakeout lists,
Tangent point selection from map or list view,
Stakeout with constant chainage grid

Logging in ASCII-file


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