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Trimble GEDO IMS System introduced

Berlin, September 2017. After several years of development the new GEDO IMS System has been presented at INTERGEO in Berlin. This system is a revolutionary approach to track survey and asset data collection along the railway corridor. The Trimble GEDO IMS system works using a high precise interial measurement unit and is combined with other sensors depending on the application.

Together with the Trimble GEDO Profiler it can be used for track survey based on reference points along the track.

By combining the new Trimble GEDO IMS system with the Trimble GEDO Scan System, a highly productive measurement solution for assets data collection along within the railway corridor is now available.

In areas without track marking the combination with Trimble GNSS technology enables a precise track survey and definition of a temporary reference points. This can be used as a base for track optimization and re-construction.